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My name is Tanya, and Green Living Organic is a creative vehicle for cultivating awareness amongst cannabis enthusiasts and beginners alike.

I’ve been a cannabis advocate for years, but it wasn’t until I realized that, to create a deeper appreciation for cannabis, I needed to provide the marijuana community with insightful and engaging information from a fresh perspective.

The cannabis industry has evolved into something that many of us couldn’t see as a possibility a decade ago, and yet we’re witnessing it at this very moment.

Cannabis is finally gaining the medicinal recognition that it deserves, but it’s up to us to create an open dialogue to make sure consumers are receiving the best information possible.

Green Living Organic isn’t just a brand, it’s a way of life. I strive to provide information that isn’t diluted or tainted. The cannabis that we consume doesn’t only affect our bodies, but it also directly impacts the world we live in.

Knowledge is the first step in laying the foundation to a healthy future. This is the underpinning that I decided to build Green Living Organic on, and you’ll never lack informative material relating to your most anticipated cannabis topics.