Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review

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There’s no hiding from the latest health and wellness trend to sweep western society: CBD and hemp oil and while new trends are bound to breed competitors and copycats, there’s one brand that has stood superior. That brand is Charlotte’s Web.

Just the name Charlotte’s Web could stir up some memories of the children’s book about the unlikely friendship between a pig and a spider. And, just like the book, Charlotte’s Web hemp oil began as the unlikely friendship of hemp with health.

Hemp Cultivation and Oil Extraction

Hemp is cannabis. There is a clear difference between CBD-rich hemp and THC-rich marijuana. Hemp is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa, but it doesn’t contain the high levels of psychoactive THC that’s routinely found in THC-rich cannabis. It’s this difference that separates hemp from other cannabis species.

Charlotte’s Web hemp grows in Colorado. The company has 120 acres and a couple of greenhouses in which they grow their crop, depending on the season.

Their care and farming practices are entirely void of any insecticides or repellants which is very important because the plant itself will be what goes on to produce CBD.

Some CBD is marketed as “hemp oil,” but there is a distinct difference between hemp seed and pure hemp oil. Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds where a minimal amount of CBD exists. The actual potency lies in the leaves.

After harvesting, these leaves are dried and sent to their CBD extraction facility. There are a handful of methods for extracting CBD, and Charlotte’s Web takes the same care in extracting as they do growing their hemp.

Carbon Dioxide removal is their preferred method and is considered the cleanest way of extraction and has become an industry standard for CBD concentrates.

This technique requires bringing CO2 to a supercritically cold temperature and combining it with hemp leaves or flowers, which causes the CBD oil to separate from the plant.

During this process, the liquid CO2 does not present the same health hazards as it does in a gaseous state.

CO2 leaves no residue behind when the process is complete, allowing for a pure product. CBD, as well as other beneficial hemp-derived compounds, are the result. The extracted cannabinoid oil at Charlotte’s Web is filtered again, ensuring no residual plant materials are remaining.

The final product is clean, pure, and potent.

Charlotte’s Web and the Benefits of Hemp Oil

Charlotte’s Web is a company focused on producing high-quality CBD hemp oil. However, there are still a lot of questions as to how hemp oil works, but it’s believed to support a sense of calm throughout the body.

Drawn from hemp and therefore virtually void of THC, there is no threat of becoming high from consuming Charlotte’s Web CBD.

CBD is a known allosteric modulator, which means that it decreases the available space on endocannabinoid receptors where THC binds – meaning that CBD can be used to counter the effects of THC, which is incredibly beneficial if you’ve found yourself to be too high.

So, not only is CBD non-psychoactive – but it also fights against the effects of THC.

Charlotte’s Web calls on the full spectrum of the hemp plant to promote wellness. CBD is the main focus, but some other active chemicals (or cannabinoids) in the plant work alongside CBD to boost its benefits.

THC is one of these cannabinoids, but not in amounts high enough to produce an intoxicating effect. Additionally, you can rest assured that the hemp that’s grown is certified to contain less than 0.03% THC because the law demands that every hemp cultivar must abide by this limit.

At its core, Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is intended to promote a sense of wellness for all of their customers.

Product Line

Charlotte’s Web commitment to care, quality, and efficacy makes it one of the most sought-after CBD brands on the market.

Their products focus on helping customers maintain a strong foundation. Along with a clean diet, regular exercise, and a positive perspective, CBD oil is another stepping stone in a well-rounded foundation for an enjoyable life.

The most commonly used product in their line is the oil as hemp oil is known to help support a sense of calm. Customers who need help focusing, managing stress, or just getting a good night’s sleep turns to CBD hemp oil for a sense of relaxation.

Charlotte’s Web hemp oil comes at different ranges of potency: 7MG CBD/1ML, 17MG CBD/1ML, and 50MG CBD/ML – Original Formula CBD Oil. These could seem challenging to navigate if you’re not sure what potency will work for you. Luckily they help to steer you to what’s best.

The Original Formula is recommended to counter everyday stress and support recovery from exercise. This is a viable option for people who are familiar with and comfortable with hemp oil.

For newcomers to the CBD trend, they recommend starting with 17MG CBD oil and, by doing so, beginners can begin with the lowest dose and work their way up as they feel comfortable.

It’s twice the potency of the 7MG CBD, which can be cost effective when just starting out on the road of cannabidiol.

Their latest product is the Maximum Strength, and it offers 60mg of CBD extract, and 120mg of hemp oil per servings.

All hemp oils are available for purchase on their website except for the Maximum Strength Formula, which can be found at participating retailers.

Though oils are popular, they’re not the only option. Some people seek CBD products for other reasons, like helping to calm inflammation in joints through the use of topicals or to help recover from exercise routines.

For cases like this, Charlotte’s Web presents topicals. The cream and the balm are made with nourishing hemp extract and come with their epidermal benefits. Hemp topicals can support skin moisture, hips, and joints, and give muscles a sense of calm for recovery.

Aside from Charlotte’s Web hemp oil and topicals, they also offer CBD capsules for easy dosing, completely THC-free CBD isolate. It’s not just humans who can enjoy CBD, but also our best friends – dogs! For this reason, Charlotte’s Web offers CBD treats for your dog.

The gummies are an incredible option for those who would rather ingest CBD. The gummies come in 3 types: sleep, recovery, and calm; additionally, these three varieties each have botanical aspects injected into the ingredients list, which enhances the overall effects.

For example, the calm variant contains 10mg of CBD per gummy, as well as L-theanine and lemon balm for their naturally calming effects.

When it comes to edibles, there’s nothing nearly as convenient as eating 2 gummies to enjoy the relief of CBD. For discreetness, nothing beats the incognito effect of CBD gummies that Charlotte’s Web has on offer.

Final thoughts

Charlotte’s Web grew from a good cause and became the go-to supplier of hemp oil. It’s, in their words, “crafted in nature, perfected by science, trusted by families” to help people everywhere maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They’ve cast their net far and wide in the wellness industry. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp growth and sale within the United States, their product can be shipped throughout the entire country.

Their variety of products gives accessibility to anyone curious about using hemp oil to improve daily life. The CBD industry has lacked the necessary trust, especially when dealing with products that can make such a significant impact.

Charlotte’s Web has brought this trust back to the table by ensuring their products are thoroughly tested.

Testing empowers consumers to make informed decisions, and this is what separates Charlotte’s Web from others.

Charlotte’s Web is more than a brand; it’s a company with a mission to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Try their CBD products for yourself and experience the wonder of high-quality hemp oil as nature intended it.

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