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Endoca Raw Hemp Oil has quickly become a driving force in the hemp oil scene. They offer a wide range of products, such as raw hemp oil, edibles, extracts, and skincare.

All of their products are hemp-based, which has streamlined their overall success due to the growing acceptance of this low-THC variety.

Endoca’s Raw Hemp oil is a fan favorite, and we’re here to dive into the product to review its usefulness, benefits, and overall quality.

Raw Hemp Oil Ingredients

The first thing we look at before buying anything is the ingredient label. This is a make-or-break subject because we refuse to allow any harmful chemicals into our body.

Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil is surprisingly clean because it contains 80% hemp seed oil. But what about the other 20%? That’s made up of natural constituents found within hemp during the extraction process, such as ketones, water, lipids, vitamins, and plant-waxes.

It was also a pleasant surprise to see that the product is vegan and gluten-free. These labels show that the raw hemp oil was produced sustainably, without the use of animal by-products that are commonly found in competitor gel-caps.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Concentration

Endoca Review

Many of Endoca’s products do not contain CBD. However, their Raw Hemp Oil does – a humble 3% per bottle. Although this may seem low, each dose contains 1mg of CBD, which makes micro-dosing a breeze.

This means that there is 300mg per bottle, which leaves you with 300 doses. Most people don’t require large-scale treatment when seeking to relieve specific ailments, such as headaches* and nausea*. In our experience, the 300 dose bottle is perfectly sized and lasted well past our expectations.

Ease of Dosing

If you’re like us, we continually seek simplicity. When making decisions that are trivial to life-changing, we move in the direction that presents the least barriers. The same can be said for the method in which Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil is used.

The bottle comes with a small dropper, which does not leak when filled. Since each drop contains 1mg, the dropper facilitates an incredibly straightforward experience to get just the right amount – every time.

The Effects

This is the category many of you have been waiting for, and we’re not going to disappoint. The effects found in Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil are superb.

The results become apparent within 5 minutes, stimulating our appetite and leaving us in an entirely blissful state.

The effects aren’t psychoactive in any way, but rather, take the edge off of any issue that we’re having. Life presents countless reasons to feel stressed, but this product left us relaxed and enlightened.


At a price point of $29, this is a hard-to-beat deal. Many competing companies are double to triple this price, creating a financial barrier for many. It’s pleasing to see Endoca’s relatively low cost, which heightens its overall value in our eyes.

Our Overall Decision

From unpackaging to reviewing every aspect of Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil, we can’t help but give this a stellar review.

This is an effective CBD product that can be used at a moments notice, and we believe its effects are incredibly beneficial for a wide range of use cases.

Overall, we’d purchase this product again, as its become our go-to hemp oil when in need of a fast-acting alternative medicine.

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