Green Roads CBD Review

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Green Roads is a CBD company that has garnered awards for multiple products. They have been featured on CBS, ESPN, NBC; as well as various articles on Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and many more.

Join us as we investigate popular Green Roads CBD products, and how they live up to the hype.


First and foremost, let’s take a look at Green Roads CBD oil. They offer two products under the oil category: CBD in glass bottles and daily dose pre-loaded droppers.

CBD Oil – Glass Bottle

This CBD oil comes in various quantities and strengths. They range from 15mL to 60mL. The available strengths are 100mg to 3,500mg of CBD. Each product has a corresponding dosage amount.

For example, the 15mL container that has 100mg of available CBD recommends a dose of 7-mg/ml. This means that you have 14.2 doses before the bottle is empty.

On the high end, the 60mL container has 3,500mg of CBD with a recommendation of 58mg per 1mL. Therefore, you will have 60 doses until you exhaust the contents of this product.

This product is sublingual-based, which means that all you need to do is drop it under your tongue. The effects are nearly instant, which is perfect for those that need relief immediately.

Daily Dose

The daily dose pre-loaded droppers are ideal for those that do not need the longevity of a bottle. These are perfect for those that need relief occasionally, rather than regularly.

The droppers come pre-loaded with various strengths, such as 350mg CBD to 1,500mg CBD. Each dropper has 1mL loaded, which makes this ideal for 1-2 uses.

Edible CBD

Green Roads offers a plethora of edible CBD options, from gummies to capsules. Most of these products range from 10mg to 300mg of available CBD. Their edibles offer various flavors that will satisfy any palate.

Some are mixed with added natural compounds, such as terpenes for increased flavor and melatonin to promote sleep.

None of their edible CBD offerings have artificial dyes, making their product perfect for those that want a more natural edible. Additionally, their edible choice has proven itself by winning awards at various cannabis festivals.

After trying a selection of their edible CBD products, we can only join in the bandwagon of praise. If you are searching for effective and flavorful edible CBD products, then look no further than Green Roads.

Hemp Derived CBD

Green Roads shines because all its CBD is derived from hemp. This means that the most THC you will find in these products are insignificant, testing at the legal threshold of 0.03% THC.

Extraction Technique

Green Roads uses the solvent-less technique of supercritical CO2 extraction. We are avid fans of clean cannabis products and producing solvent-less products is the first step in achieving this.

You can rest assured that their method of CBD extraction is quality because their team of scientists use the best practices and use a professional facility.

Lab Testing

Green Roads is adamant about testing their CBD products to ensure their products are free of any harmful chemicals. These lab tests also guarantee the dose of each product, which helps you as a consumer.

In our eyes, nothing is better than lab testing every product because we feel far safer consuming CBD products when we know what is inside.

Oil Ingredients

Since CBD oil is the primary component of all of Green Roads CBD products, it’s essential to look into the ingredients.

We are wholly satisfied that the ingredients list consists of CBD isolate, hemp seed oil, and Kosher-grade vegetable glycerin. This makes the base product vegan, which, in our eyes, is incredibly important.

As for their edibles, they are low in sugar ( derived from beets), something that we always hope for when it comes to edibles.

Our Verdict

After sampling Green Roads most popular products, we have concluded that Green Roads is the real deal. If you are searching for a new CBD company, then give Green Roads a try the next time you visit a local dispensary or via their website online.

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