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How to Break into The Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry is ripe with opportunity. The number of states that allow recreational or medical marijuana are increasing with each passing year.

New frontiers in the world of cannabis are continually appearing, from cannachefs to full-time marijuana stock traders.

All though there seems to be an endless number of cannabis-based jobs, the growing competition requires a great deal of determination from applicants.

A Growing Job Market

With 10 states that allow recreational cannabis and 34 states that accept medicinal cannabis, it’s no wonder why the marijuana job market is booming.

The amount of cannabis and marijuana-based products that need to be produced to meet consumer demand is sky-high. This ever-increasing need for marijuana throughout the nation is pushing producers past their capacity, forcing many businesses to seek further help.

Currently, nearly 300,000 individuals are working directly or indirectly with cannabis companies.[1] This upcoming industry shadows other job sectors by large margins, such as the coal industry or alcohol production industry.

This number is poised to continue its exponential march as more states legalize recreational or medicinal cannabis.

Ideal Educational Background

These fields are the ideal disciplines to study if you wish to enter the cannabis industry with relative ease:

  • Agriculture
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Food Science
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business

These fields are responsible for nearly everything happening in the cannabis industry, from creating regulatory rules to producing groundbreaking new products.

The cannabis industry needs educated professionals that are eager to continue research that will shape the landscape of marijuana for years to come.

The marijuana industry is very open towards individuals who don’t have a university degree or those who didn’t go to school for the fields mentioned above.

As with any job market, your overall dedication and tenacity will find your dream job over time. The first thing that should be done before sending out a wave of applications is deciding which sector within the cannabis industry is right for you.

This means that you must consider your background education, work experience, and willingness to relocate if necessary. Once you’ve considered these three elements, then you’ll be better able to find your ideal job within the industry.

Popular jobs within the industry include:

  • Budtender
  • Cannachef
  • Lead grower
  • Grower assistant
  • Extract artist
  • Extract assistant
  • Cannabis delivery driver

These aren’t the only jobs available, and more niche positions include:

  • Cannabis stock trader
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product designer
  • Interior designer for cannabis dispensaries
  • Cannabis consultant
  • Web designer for cannabis websites
  • App creator for cannabis-based apps
  • Cannabis contractor

Create your Resume

Your resume is a defining document of your credibility. You’ll want to include everything relevant to the job that you’re seeking. This includes previous work experience, education, and volunteer work.

You should spend a considerable amount of time curating an engaging resume because it’s the first thing an employer will know about you.

Networking in the Cannabis Industry

Networking has become the term used for those seeking to break into a specific field of work. Cannabis is no different, and social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and others are perfect environments to get to know others while simultaneously becoming known.

The reason why networking has become so popular recently is that it opens the door to opportunities outside of your social circle.

Instead of being limited to a small area that may be saturated with applicants, online social networks provide job opportunities nearby that you may have been unaware of.

Social networking is also beneficial because it gives employers and employees a sense of trust and transparency when discussing opportunities online.

Most social networks require some mechanism to prove who you are, such as a phone number or linked social media account. These are ways to build trust before even applying.

Besides online networks, it’s essential to visit your local cannabis events. By doing so, you’ll experience networking face-to-face, which is always a preferred experience.

By attending cannabis-based festivals and community meetings regarding regulations, you’ll gain a different perspective compared to online impressions.

Trust goes a long way in any industry, but the cannabis community is of a particular breed due to their lengthy time cast away in the shadows of prohibition.

By being transparent with your previous work experience, education, and work ethic; you’re more likely to gain a broader audience when seeking jobs.

Apply Your Strength and Improve Your Weakness

The way that you’ll shine above all others is by honing in on your strengths and working on your weaknesses which means that you must know yourself enough that you can pinpoint these facets of your personality.

Employers are thrilled when an applicant shows confidence in the job that lies ahead. When posed with questions relating to topics that aren’t your strengths, you’ll manage to answer adequately by having previously worked on these subjects.

Apply for Cannabis Jobs

This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to begin applying for jobs. You may find yourself at your local dispensary to drop off an application and resume, or you may submit everything online.

Everything should be done with the utmost professionalism. If you’re walking into an establishment, then you should be professionally dressed. Everything about you should leave the impression that you’re a reliable and trustworthy individual.

When submitting documents online, it’s best to formally to address the person who’s receiving your application. All the small details eventually create the big picture, so it’s crucial that you’re conventional in your actions.

Your Future in the Cannabis Industry


With so many job opportunities, your ability to find work in the cannabis industry will rise exponentially if you present a strong work ethic.

Your continual perseverance won’t go unnoticed if you follow this guide in breaking into the cannabis sector. The time is now to solidify yourself in this revolutionary industry.


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